Hello everyone; it’s me Bharat Thapa from the land of Himalayas – Nepal. First of all, accept my sincere greetings! I come from one of the rural villages in Nepal. I grew up in the backdrop of Himalayas with lush hills, forests and sparsely populated villages around.  I don’t know why but mountains, hills, forests and nature; they had always fascinated me. May be it was my fate. In 1991, I completed my schooling and moved out to Kathmandu to pursue my higher education. At that point of time, I had to do something to arrange my college fees and pocket money. Therefore, I started to work as a trekking porter at an age of 16. Probably, it was the turning point of my life.  

After working as a porter for more than three years, I became a trekking guide. I took proper training and assisted other guides to accompany people to their dream destination. Working as a porter helped me a lot to escort travelers independently. I regard 2005 AD as the milestone of my life when I started working as a tour and trekking operator in Nepal. I established my own company and led many groups to Nepal and Tibet.

With around three decades long engagement in the field of travel and tourism, there is probably any path in Nepal left undiscovered. I have travelled to almost every regions of Nepal and have explored even the most rural and off beaten trails. As a part of my job and as a part of my interest, I frequently travel to different locations of Nepal in search of new travel destinations.

I started travelling to Tibet in 1998. Since then, I have travelled to Mt. Kailash and have performed kora for more than 67 times. Each time I travel to Tibet, I feel blessed. I find myself lucky to be amongst those who have been provided with an opportunity to relish the mere beauty of Himalayas and Himalayan terrain through their open eyes. With these many years of involvement in the field of tourism, my fondness for nature and Himalayas is growing day by day and there is no end to it. 

Besides Nepal and Tibet, I have also visited major cities in India and Europe. Travelling to these places helped me get some meaningful insights on people and their lifestyle. No wonder, I pride myself for having diversified knowledge about people and their way of living. Now, as a tour operator, it helps me deal with clients, communicate with them and help them with their travel requirements. As an integral part of Himal Eco Treks, I want to fulfill the travel dream of people around the globe. Sidewise, I want to make an impact in society by working for social well-being. Himal Eco Treks supports for education and health in rural part of Nepal. We also promote eco-tourism by providing best services to our customers. 

So, as a responsible key person of Himal Eco Treks, I would like to invite you to take a privilege of travelling with Himal Eco Treks.  It’s because we care!