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Travel blog – Simikot Kailash Lhasa Treks and Tour is a beautiful journey that traverses from remote and wild sections of Nepal to the high altitude mountainous plateaus of Tibet. It helps you connect with the amusements of mother nature in her different attire. From an isolated, remote and lush village of Nepal to high […]

Travel blog - Simikot Kailash Lhasa Treks and Tour is a beautiful journey that traverses from remote and wild sections of Nepal to the high altitude mountainous plateaus of Tibet. It helps you connect with the amusements of mother nature in her different attire. From an isolated, remote and lush village of Nepal to high passes above tree line area, the tour takes you to Nepal Tibet border. Crossing the border brings you to the amazing mountainous landscapes of Tibet. The high altitude plateaus, glaciers, mountains and lakes;all these diverse forms of mother nature help you experience the mountainous beauty of Tibet, an autonomous region of China. But this tour is something more to mountains and natural glory! It helps you immerse into the rich Nepalese and Tibetan culture, people and their lifestyle. The influence of Tibetan Buddhist culture can be observed in the remote villages of Nepal but as you go deep into the Tibetan territory, you will be able to explore the richness and magnificence of Buddhism religion.

Simikot Kailash Lhasa Treks and Tour mainly focusses on three heavenly locations on earth – Simikot, Kailash and Lhasa. These three locations help us explore the natural wilderness and cultural richness of two different nations in the world.

The meaningful journey of Simikot Kailash Lhasa Treks and Tour!

Simikot Kailash Lhasa Treks and Tour starts from the capital city of Kathmandu. After a wonderful sightseeing tour around the heritage sites of Kathmandu, the real adventure of Simikot, Kailash and Lhasa starts. As there is no direct flight from Kathmandu to Simikot, we fly to Nepalgunj and catch another flight to Simikot. Simikot is the administrative headquarter of Humla district in Karnali region of Nepal. It is one of the most remote sections of Nepal in the mountainous region of western Nepal. As you arrive at Simikot, the first thing you can notice is the airport and a beautiful village over the slope.From the airport, we follow a trail that joins a route to Hilsa. We follow the banks of Karnali river and traverse across beautiful villages, farmlands and forested areas. Slowly, we climb up to Dharapani and continue through the trail to pass places like Kermi, Yalbang and Tumkot. These places are completely remote and wild with spectacular views of appealing landscapes all around. A walk through these places is also an opportunity to get some insights on local people, their traditional lifestyle and culture. Even we can observe the influence of Tibetan Buddhist religion in that area. Don’t get surprised as you encounter various monasteries and gompas on the way.

Also, the isolated region is a home to various wild species, floras and faunas. One can get a glimpse of snow leopard, musk deer or blue sheep if lucky. As we move higher, we can observe the change in vegetation. We come above the tree line and therefore the lush terrain turns rocky, barren and dry. Further, we walk up to Yari and cross Nara La pass at 4620 meters to descend down to Hilsa, a settlement that borders with Tibetan territory.From the pass, we get some magnificent views of entire territory. The alluring terrain and appealing views of mountains from the pass makes the walk worth it. The trail down to Hilsa can be a bit challenging but the mind lowing views of nature will keep us going. Hilsa is also the landing station from the helicopters who transport pilgrims to Mt. Kailash and Mansarovar Lake. After Hilsa, we fulfill all the custom formalities and enter into the Tibetan territory. At this place, the border is just market by a stone pillar. It’s totally a unique experience inside the territory.

As we enter the Tibetan border, we take a drive towards Mt. Kailash. The ride offers some stunning views of Tibetan landscapes, mountains, glaciers, lakes and plateaus. At first, we head to Tirthapuri which is a holy site with a natural hot spring. On the way, we pass the magnificent Mansarovar Lake and Raksheesa Tal. Upon arrival in Tirthapuri, one can enjoy a hot water bath and visit a beautiful monastery nearby. Leaving Tirthapuri, we head towards the holy Mt. Kailash for a kora journey.

Mt. Kailash is a holy destination in the far west of Tibet. Hindus consider this place to be the abode place of Lord Shiva. As per Hindu mythology, Lord Shiva lives in Kailash with his divine love companion Goddess Parvati and their children Ganesha and Kartike. There many Hindu pilgrims visit this place and perform kora around Mt. Kailash. This place is very auspicious for Hindu pilgrims owning to its religious significance. Likewise, Vajrayana Buddhists believe that Mount Kailash to be home of the Buddha Cakrasaṃvara who represents supreme bliss. This place even receives thousands of Buddhist pilgrims. Kora around Mt. Kailash is also considered as a holy deed for positive energy and positive spirit. It’s a way of meditation and self-realization. 

Walking around Mt. Kailash is a rejuvenating experience full of wonderful views. One can admire the majestic glory of Mt. Kailash and other mountainous terrain as you walk around the Kailash. As we end kora around Kailash, we drive towards Mansarovar lake, a beautiful and holy lake in the backdrop of Mt. Kailash. Mansarovar Lake is a beautiful freshwater lake that offers some stunning views of mountains and mountainous terrain. The lake also possesses a religious significance. It’s said that whoever takes a dip in the freshwater lake of Mansarovar, they will get rid of all the sins and bad deed caused till date. Therefore, even this lake allures many religious pilgrims towards it.

After exploring the stunning beauty of Mt Kailash and Mansarovar Lake, Travel blog - Simikot Kailash Lhasa Treks and Tour takes us towards the city of Lhasa. Lying at an altitude of 3656 meters, Lhasa is one of the highest cities in the world. Also known as place of Gods, Lhasa is a religious and administrative center of Tibet. Often regarded as is a city of wonder, Lhasa preserves the real essence of Tibetan Buddhist religion, culture and tradition. The grand artistic palaces, monasteries and old temples are some of the appealing aspects of this city. There are many must visit places around the city. Some of the must visit places of this city are Potala Palace, Sera monastery, Drepung monastery, Jokhang temple, Bakor street, Norbulingka palace. Potala palace is a grand palace located on a hilltop. As soon as one reach Lhasa, the first thing that comes to sight is the grand Potala palace that dominates the sky top of Lhasa. Sera and Drepung monastery are two large monasteries in Lhasa and a home to many monks following Buddhism. Jokhang is the oldest temple that is surrounded by the narrow and fascinating Bakorstreer. Norbulingka palace is the summer settlement and a grand palace of Dalai Lama.

Travel blog - Simikot Kailash Lhasa Treks and Tour includes all the appealing and fascinating aspects of Simikot, remote Nepal, Mt. Kailash, Mansarovar Lake and Lhasa city. It is a heavenly journey that offers some spectacular views of lush hills, valleys, remote villages, mountains and Tibetan plateaus. Above all, it gives us a meaningful insight on people and lifestyle of people residing in the remote terrain. So, are you excited to be a part of this journey? Himal Eco Treks organizes a well-organized trip to Mt. Kailash and Lhasa via Simikot. We are an expert when it comes to Tibet tours from Nepal. So, if you are willing to be a part of Simikot Kailash Lhasa Treks and Tour this season, let us know!We are here to escort you from the remote sections of Nepal to holy Mt. Kailash.

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